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Jeeves HK will be closed at the following dates: The day following National Day on Monday, October the 2nd / The day following Mid-Autumn Festival on Thursday, October the 5th / Chung Yeung Festival on Saturday, October the 28th We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Has someone shrunk your clothes?

Shrinkage. The most annoying result we can think of when we clean our clothes and get it back from the dryer. Is this fixable? absolutely! we can help you repair that shrinkage and restore your item back to an acceptable length. Please note that not all items or fabrics can be restored to the orginal length. We will take care and consideration of all fabrics as to not damage the fibers and retain the strength and shape of the garment. Contact us for a quote today!

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Wool (Cashmere)

  • Dirt and smells stick to wool clothes quickly, so it needs to be aired and cleaned often. 
  • Hang wool garments like coats, suits and jackets on shaped or padded hangers, leaving enough space between them with closures zipped and buttoned. 
  • Knitted garments should be folded to avoid stretching the fibre. 
  • When wool or cashmere gets wet, roll the garment into a towel gently squeezing it. Let the towel absorb water. Dry cashmere garments placing them horizontally on a dry towel and moving them back in to shape. 
  • Wet wool garments should be dried in room temperature away from heat. 
  • Stains should be removed with cool water or taken to dry cleaners immediately.
  • Steam wool garments either from reverse side or use press cloth when steamed from right side.
  • If your wool garment is creased after storage or traveling, you can hang it in a steamy bathroom, where moisture will remove wrinkles.
  • Store wool and cashmere in a cool and dry place. 
  • Cashmere clothes should be stored in special acid free cloth bags to avoid yellowing.

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