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Traveling can be tiring, but packing for a trip can be even worse, particularly for frequent corporate travellers. We all know that overstuffing the suitcase is one of the primary culprits of wrinkles in clothing. How to pack smart? At Jeeves, not only do we dry clean your items, we also offer packaging that minimizes the risk of wrinkling. Our efficient use of acid-free tissue, custom hangers and specially designed garment bags, ensure your garments stay in pristine condition. Here are some ...

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Has someone shrunk your clothes?

Shrinkage. The most annoying result we can think of when we clean our clothes and get it back from the dryer. Is this fixable? Absolutely! We can help you repair that shrinkage and restore your item back to an acceptable length. Please note that not all items or fabrics can be restored to the orginal length. We will take care and consideration of all fabrics as to not damage the fibers and retain the strength and shape of the garment. Contact us for a quote today! Jeeves (HK) Limited

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Garment Care Advice Leather

  • All leather and suede garments should be pretreated with special chemicals to improve their resistance to oil and water.
  • Finished leather can be cleaned wiping it with damp cloth or using a much diluted soap solution for heavier stains and afterwards dusted it with baby powder to seal the leather pores.
  • Unfinished leather is not waterproof therefore if spoiled part cannot be brushed away with a suede brush, it is advisable to leave them for professionals to clean.
  • If a leather or suede garment gets wet, excessive moisture should be absorbed by applying a dry towel and then it should be left to dry naturally away from sources of heat. Suede needs to be brushed afterwards with a suede brush.
  • Avoid spraying perfume or hair spray while wearing leather clothes, as they can stain the garment.
  • Wearing pins and stickers can damage the surface and texture of leather and suede.
  • Body oil stains leather as well therefore wear a scarf to protect leather at neckline.
  • Leather loses part of its dye during the cleaning process. Professional cleaners restore the colours of garments, however the tints can be difficult to match and therefore all matching clothes, i.e. suits, should be cleaned together
  • Leather should be stored in a spacious, humidity and temperature controlled storage away from excessive heat and moisture.
  • Do not hang leather and suede in plastic bags as they need to breathe.
  • Leather is pre-stretched in tanning, therefore some relaxation will take place in cleaning, but it should not be noticeable in quality garments.
  • Leather garment should always hang on wide or padded hangers.

Jeeves at Your Service
To serve their clients in the best possible manner, Jeeves has opened a Storage facility with humidity and temperature control. It is the perfect way to store your fur and leather garments in the hot and humid Hong Kong weather.


Jeeves (HK) Limited

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