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Express Service is Now Available

We understand the pace of life in metropolitan cities like Hong Kong is much faster than in less populated areas. Everyone constantly lives in a chaotic rhythm and must cope with the ever-changing lifestyle. Not to worry, we have expanded our service range - an express service to accommodate our customers with hectic schedules. If you work late and unable to visit any of our shops within the operating hours, our late night delivery (until 10 P.M. by appointment) is perfectly tailored for y...

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Sustainability, Luxury and Society: HULA

SUSTAINABILITY - if you're mesmerised by this glamorous fashion world, you may be familiar with this word as it has been one of the hottest topics recently. There are quite a few pre-loved designer items within our digital marketplace. HULA catches our eyes with their incredible collections and a high corporate social responsibility awareness (CSR) as well. In this special edition, we invited Sarah Fung, Founder of HULA to share the insight of the online business as well as the charitable ac...

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Plastic Love

Wearing plastic designer clothes was hip in the 90’s, it’s back this season! Cropped plastic jackets, glittery raincoats, and simple but elegant handbags are amongst the must-have items for the fashionistas.


[Image: Vogue Italy]


Our garment care experts have prepared a collection of tips for taking care of these designer plastic and vinyl items:


  • Don’t put them into a washing machine as the rough spinning process will stretch or damage the plastic.
  • No dry cleaning either – it is not recommended to dry clean a certain type of plastic as some may dissolve in the cleaning process. Please read carefully, the cleaning instruction labels that are attached to the garment or send the item to JEEVES for consulting.


  • Hand wash is always the best option.
  • After cleaning, wrap the item in acid-free tissue and add silica gel packets to prevent yellowing and mould growth.

Please feel free to bring your loved item for our complimentary inspection.

Jeeves (HK) Ltd


[Image: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty] Chanel SS18

[Image: Burberry] Burberry SS18

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