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Introducing An Incredible Product For The Well-Dressed

We are excited to announce the launch of Jeeves' first shoe care accessory - the Ox Shoehorn. Our sturdy Ox Shoehorn is the ultimate refined accessory made specifically for the shoe aficionado. Handcrafted from Ox Horn by English skilled artisians, the ergonomic handle is designed for easy manipulation of shoehorn so that slipping into your footwear remains a seamless ritual, while providing structural support for the shoe counter. Hang the shoehorn by its leather loop in your corridor for con...

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Meet The Independent Local Bridal House

If you've decided to purchase a bespoke wedding gown, this episode is perfectly tailored for you.

This week, we caught up with an independent local wedding gown artisan, Katharine Yeung, to walk us through the philosophy of her brand, Kath Yeung Bridal Atelier, the most incredible client experience and more. 


How long does it normally take for the whole creation?
3 to 4 months time depending on the complexity of the design, fabric availability and both of our schedules.


Additional beads and sequins are handsewn onto the dress to catch the light.


What set your brand apart from the other brands in the market?

I aim to provide the greatest flexibility for every design and fitting details when most companies would only allow limited changes. The option of using fine silk inside out also makes a big difference for the wearing experience.


During a fitting session, Katharine explores different lace arrangement to find the one that best compliment the bride.


What is the most unforgettable experience you’ve ever had with your client? 

I happened to be on vacation at the same time and location of a client’s wedding. It was a privilege to be invited and to see the bride celebrating in my dress on the beautiful Greek island of Paros.


The major materials used for the dresses

I primarily work with pure silk and lace. Chantilly and Alençon lace is used for the classic look, while Guipure and embroidered lace are applied for a modern impression. Silk crepe is a favourite for its fluid drape and breathability.



Walk down the beach in Phuket in a stunning low back lace dress with a romantic feather light tulle train.


Stop by at Jeeves in Jardine House and Happy Valley, and catch a glimpse of the custom-made beauties.


Window display at Jardine House.


Every stitch is one step forward to an extraordinary love journey.



Contact Katharine and mention your Jeeves membership number for an exclusive personalized offer.

Kath Yeung Bridal Atelier
Unit 4A, Shing Hing Commercial Building, 
21-27 Wing Kut Street, Central.

中環永吉街21-27號 誠興商業大廈 4樓A室
- by appointment only -

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