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Spring & Summer Is Here. Our First-Class Storage Service Is Tailor-Made For You

Warm weather has finally arrived. Your garments may need a reliable storage facility for your couture clothing or fur products. Adequate storage extends the life of your clothes, and it is vital to store the fur garment in a climate controlled atmosphere to prevent damage from mould growth or drying out. Did you know, at Jeeves, we offer a first-class "one-stop" service that allows your wardrobe to be in a meticulous and hassle-free condition all year around? PREMIUM STORAGE HO...

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Pashmina Scarves & Shawls Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Authentic Pashmina is exceptionally soft and delicate. Taking care of this well-crafted fabric helps maintain its colour and extend its lifespan. The following maintenance and cleaning tips can ensure the longevity of your adored Pashmina items.

  • Read carefully! Either a Pashmina scarf or a generic blouse, it's important to read the care label carefully prior to cleaning as different components may require an effective solution.

  • Avoid direct sun or heat sources.

  • Iron on the lowest heat possible with a damp cloth between the Pashmina and the iron.

  • Wash gently by hand with soft wool detergent or mild shampoo.

  • Do not use hot water as it will cause shrinkage.

  • Lay it flat and let it dry naturally to retain the shape of the item.


  • Do not wring as this will damage the delicate fibres.

  • Use a laundry bag to protect the item.

  • After extended use, piling is a natural phenomenon. Use a fabric razor to remove the excess fibre.

The following video displays the stain removal procedures for the lipstick stain left on an exquisite shawl from our partner, Scarfesia.



About Scarfesia

Creating Fashionable Elegance in a timeless manner that elevates their brand. They are committed to fit the various lifestyles of today's on-the-go luxury consumer with their offerings: Fashion, Elegance and Imperial collections. Their impeccable craftsmanship is displayed through effort intensive embroideries and weaving. These techniques have been perfected over years by their Indian artisans. 

With a Hong Kong heritage, it is proud of its "Hong Kong Designed" aspect while utilizing the regional expertise of nearby cultures and in-depth research and development. Multiple European influences have set Scarfesia apart from its competitors.

About Pashmina

Pashmina is an exclusively fine fiber that are found above 4,000 meters on the Himalayas. The annual output is very limited and literally translates to "Soft Gold" in Kashmiri. Each pashmina scarf is produced by Indian master through the process of spinning, weaving and dyeing. The production period of each pure color handcrafted shawl reach 3-6 months and a unique handcrafted embroidery masterpiece shawl can take 4-6 years for representing its extremely precious.  

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