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Preventive measures for coronavirus

Due to the current coronavirus affecting Hong Kong, we have adopted even stricter additional preventive measures for bacteria and diseases prevention. We are working exceptionally hard to maintain the highest hygiene standards. To protect our front line staff, drivers and most importantly you, our most valuable customers. We require all our staff to wear a surgical mask and will always disinfect their hands prior and after checking garments by using antibacterial hand sanitisers and addit...

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Tips for preventing or minimising spills on your big day

For a bride-to-be, her dream wedding gown is one of the most precious possessions on her big day as it highlights the beauty of the bride as well as bringing the sparkle of a wedding. However, there’s a high hidden risk of spillage that may happen during this particular day. To keep it stain-free, we prepared several tips to assist or minimise this unfortunate situation arises:

• Eat wisely - avoid foods with dressing or gravy. Drinking with a straw can also help you prevent drink spills

• Drink champagne or white wine instead of red wine as the first two drinks are less obvious if they appear on the gown

• Cover yourself! - You can avoid damage to your gown by wearing a bib or covering over your gown (photo credit: bib4brides, Etsy)


• Be aware of your surroundings while striking a post for photos (photo credit: Alon Livné)

• Bring an emergency kit with items such as baby wipe or stain remover pen. It will come in handy when spillage happens with no warning sign (photo credit:

• In case of any spillage, place a clean white cloth under the affected area to avoid the stain further penetrating the garment fibers. Gently dab it but not rubbing since it could spread the stain.

• Get it professionally cleaned ASAP – at Jeeves, we specialise in caring for your exquisite gown and have accumulated decades of experience in handling the delicate fabrics and materials of the worlds most exquisite gowns.

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