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New Female Mannequins FW19 at Central Shops

Jeeves has launched their latest Fall & Winter 2019 female mannequin displays at their stores in Central.This bridal collection by Christos Costarellos, the Athens designer characterised by ethereal pieces infused with a touch of high-fashion bohemian spirit, presented a complete collection of wedding dresses with delicate fabrics, stunning illusions and a touch of romanticism through chic laces and open back dresses. Open-back embellished flocked tulle gown The design is inspired by...

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Jeeves Annual Conference 2019

The 50th Anniversary of Jeeves of Belgravia is being celebrated this year. It's always a pleasure to reconnect with all existing franchise partners and new ones. Some exciting projects and advancements to the brand and service are coming soon. Stay tuned! Jeeves HK Ltd

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How to Clean Laundry Infested With Lice


A lice breakout can be scary and unsettling; adding cleaning to the process makes it even more overwhelming. However, thorough house cleaning after a lice infestation is crucial. Lice can spread as long as they (or nits) stay on the human host, but are unable to survive off the body for more than 48 hours. They will also die from dehydration when submitted to high temperatures.

Here are some useful tips to guide you through the cleaning process:

Washable items should be cleaned at 60°c and tumble dried in a hot dryer for 20 minutes. 
Dry cleanable items should be cleaned on a normal cycle and tumble dried. 
Non-washable items should be isolated and sealed in a plastic bag for 48 hours (if possible).

  • Couch: Vacuum and cover with sheet or blanket for two days. 
  • Floors and Carpet: Vacuum for two days.
  • Hair Accessories: Submerge in bleach solution or leave untouched for two days. 
  • Car Seats: Vacuum well and visually inspect. 
  • Toys: Isolate toys for two days, sealed in plastic bags.

 How to Clean Affected Garments?

  1. Gather up the garments worn in the last three days and pre-sort as usual, make sure to separate delicate items from the pile. 
  2. Place a single load of clothing in the washing machine. Add laundry detergent, and set to hot wash. Afterwards, place in a dryer and pick the high-heat drying cycle. 
  3. Delicate items can't be exposed to high heat as it breaks down the delicate fibres, causing it to wear out. Soak these garments in warm water for several hours with plenty of laundry detergent, then wash them on the delicate cycle in the machine. Let the delicates air-dry afterwards. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service hotline at 2973 0071.

Team Jeeves

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