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Mould Attack

In this sweltering weather, there is nothing worse than dealing with the notorious humidity and a wardrobe of clothes covered with mould and foul odor. Mould will breed as long as the environment is under a certain temperature and humidity level. It also spreads and can be dangerous to our health. This frustrating humidity issue is particularly notorious in Hong Kong. At Jeeves, not only do we specialize in our hand finished dry cleaning services, our team also provides the following perfect s...

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Share Your Love of Fashion

[Share Your Love of Fashion] We are excited to introduce our newly debuted gift cards which are now available in all shops. With no expiry date, the cards come in three values, HKD500, HKD1,000 and HKD3,000. They can be redeemed to purchase services ranging from dry cleaning, shoe & handbag restoration, laundering and merchandise. Regardless if the recipient is a JEEVES member or not, it is acceptable to use more than one card in any transaction and works like a pre-paid card. How it wor...

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Shoe and Handbag Restoration

It is inevitable to avoid damage and discolouration when the leather products are being worn. Different types of restoration are needed for various damage. Jeeves leather team possesses rich experience especially on:

  • high-end handbag & shoe repair
  • leather restoration

Typical repair works include:

  • handbag handle, shoulder strap, purse chain, zip replacement
  • replacing a broken piece of hardware
  • shortening a strap due to leather damage
  • extending the length of a damaged strap
  • heel / sole replacement

Jeeves will rejuvenate your favourite item to its original glory. Contact us for a quote today!