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Introducing An Incredible Product For The Well-Dressed

We are excited to announce the launch of Jeeves' first shoe care accessory - the Ox Shoehorn. Our sturdy Ox Shoehorn is the ultimate refined accessory made specifically for the shoe aficionado. Handcrafted from Ox Horn by English skilled artisians, the ergonomic handle is designed for easy manipulation of shoehorn so that slipping into your footwear remains a seamless ritual, while providing structural support for the shoe counter. Hang the shoehorn by its leather loop in your corridor for con...

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to improve our customer satisfaction / in-store experience, Jeeves would like to conduct an anonymous online survey at the link below and invite you to answer the questions for service enhancement intention.
All questions refer to your last in-store experience at a Jeeves store.

Thank you very much for your time!