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Jeeves HK will be closed at the following dates: The day following National Day on Monday, October the 2nd / The day following Mid-Autumn Festival on Thursday, October the 5th / Chung Yeung Festival on Saturday, October the 28th We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Has someone shrunk your clothes?

Shrinkage. The most annoying result we can think of when we clean our clothes and get it back from the dryer. Is this fixable? Absolutely! We can help you repair that shrinkage and restore your item back to an acceptable length. Please note that not all items or fabrics can be restored to the orginal length. We will take care and consideration of all fabrics as to not damage the fibers and retain the strength and shape of the garment. Contact us for a quote today!

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本公司將於下列日子休假 :

  • 國慶日翌日 - 十月二日 (星期一)  / 

  • 中秋節翌日 - 十月五日 (星期四)  / 

  • 重陽節 - 十月二十八日 (星期六)  / 

不便之處,敬請見諒 !

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