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Express Service is Now Available

We understand the pace of life in metropolitan cities like Hong Kong is much faster than in less populated areas. Everyone constantly lives in a chaotic rhythm and must cope with the ever-changing lifestyle. Not to worry, we have expanded our service range - an express service to accommodate our customers with hectic schedules. If you work late and unable to visit any of our shops within the operating hours, our late night delivery (until 10 P.M. by appointment) is perfectly tailored for you....

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A Brand New Look At Jardine House Store

We are thrilled to announce the completion of our store facelift at Jardine House. Completed with a revamped service area and reception, the modernised yet traditional look incorporates the classic black and white colour of the Jeeves heritage with major elements taken from our flagship store in Central. We welcome longstanding guests and new clients to drop by and experience our updated shop and world class Jeeves service here at Jardine House. Jardine House, Central Shop 10-11, ...

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Pure British Craftsmanship

With the winter season approaching, it’s time to consider investing into timeless pieces and transit your outfits from summer to winter without a hitch. Our new British menswear partner, Gieves & Hawkes and Jeeves have some exciting news for our privileged members this month. From now until 31st May 2019, Jeeves members have the privilege of receiving: 10% off regular-priced items on first purchase 5% off year-around afterwards Terms & Conditions Offers valid in Hong K...

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首先進行乾洗去除黴菌,防止黴菌進一步形成。因為乾洗過程中使用的溶劑加上烘乾過程的溫度可以有效地除去霉菌。 我們採用最純淨的清潔方法處理。擁有豐富經驗的乾洗師傅團隊會在進行清潔程序之前討論衣物的潛在問題和恢復的可能性,並對衣物提出最適合的建議。再由客戶服務團隊溝通並與客人跟進。











皮革製品經時間的洗禮後損壞和褪色是不可避免的。不同程度的損壞需要用不同類型的修補方法對待。 Jeeves皮革修理團隊擁有豐富經驗,特別是在角位磨損,手柄,肩帶,錢包鍊,拉鍊更換以及名貴手袋翻新和皮革轉換顏色方面。典型的維修工作包括更換損壞配件,更換肩帶,縮短或者延長皮帶服務。




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如果您有任何疑問,歡迎您通過電子郵件聯絡我們 (,或帶同皮革用品到訪我們任何一間商舖作基本報價。

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