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Preventive measures for coronavirus

Due to the current coronavirus affecting Hong Kong, we have adopted even stricter additional preventive measures for bacteria and diseases prevention. We are working exceptionally hard to maintain the highest hygiene standards. To protect our front line staff, drivers and most importantly you, our most valuable customers. We require all our staff to wear a surgical mask and will always disinfect their hands prior and after checking garments by using antibacterial hand sanitisers and addit...

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Dry Cleaning 101 - Laundry Sorting

Pre-sorting is a fundamental step of laundry that is always forgotten. Learning how to properly do so can prevent permanent garment damage and effectively speed up your laundry routine.

Here are a few basic rules: 
1. Read care labels or clothing tags and sort out hand wash or dry clean items. 
2. Check all pockets. 
3. Turn garments inside out 
4. Sort darks and lights. 
5. Zipped all jeans before putting them into the washing machine
6. Put delicate garments into net bags
7. Wash heavily-soiled items separately.

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