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Preventive measures for coronavirus

Due to the current coronavirus affecting Hong Kong, we have adopted even stricter additional preventive measures for bacteria and diseases prevention. We are working exceptionally hard to maintain the highest hygiene standards. To protect our front line staff, drivers and most importantly you, our most valuable customers. We require all our staff to wear a surgical mask and will always disinfect their hands prior and after checking garments by using antibacterial hand sanitisers and addit...

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為了保障我們的前線員工,司機,以及最重要的「您 」- 我們最尊貴的客戶。我們要求所有員工都要戴上外科口罩,並在檢查衣服前後都要使用酒精搓手液或消毒紙巾清潔雙手進行消毒。而且,我們會經常清潔及消毒服務櫃台和門抦把手。



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