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Mending and Alteration Service at Jeeves

Your suit or dresses may need some minor adjustments to perfectly fit your shape after extended use. Apart from offering our meticulous dry-cleaning service, our mending and alteration service* is now available at our flagship store, The Bank of East Asia Building. Full-service range: Re-beading Hemming of any style clothes Shortening and lengthening straps Personal tailoring *A $300 consulting fee will be waived if the mending and alteration service total invoice amount over $2,000. ...

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Evening Collection & Delivery Service is Now Available!

Barely have time to drop off your garments within our operating hours? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! Take advantage of our complimentary collection and delivery service from 9 am until 10 pm (by appointment only). This service covers all areas of Hong Kong*, from residential buildings to offices. Anywhere that is convenient, we can accommodate your busy schedule. Delivery schedule is as follows: Hong Kong Island: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Kowloon: Tuesday, Saturday New Territories: Th...

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Plastic Love

Wearing plastic designer clothes was hip in the 90’s, it’s back this season! Cropped plastic jackets, glittery raincoats, and simple but elegant handbags are amongst the must-have items for the fashionistas. [Image: Vogue Italy] Our garment care experts have prepared a collection of tips for taking care of these designer plastic and vinyl items: Don’ts Don’t put them into a washing machine as the rough spinning process will stretch or damage the plastic. ...

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如想索取完整價錢表請按此, 或 聯絡我們索取報價

1. 男士及女士服裝
  原價 Jeeves 會員價

套裝 (兩件) $350.00 $280.00

套裝 (三件) $450.00 $360.00

$200.00 $160.00

男裝褲/女裝褲/牛仔褲 $180.00 $144.00

男裝裇衫 (摺/掛) $120.00 $96.00
女裝裇衫 由$200.00起 $160.00

毛線衫/針織衫 由$200.00起 $160.00

由$180.00起 $144.00

連身裙 由$350.00起 $280.00

大褸/雨褸 $450.00 $360.00

夾綿褸 $350.00 $280.00

羽絨褸 $650.00 $520.00

婚紗 由$1850.00起 $1,480.00

晚裝裙 由$840.00起 $672.00

絲質旗袍 由$850.00起 $680.00

頸巾 由$180.00起 $144.00

領呔 由$160.00起 $128.00
2. 皮革,麂皮及皮草
  原價 Jeeves 會員價

由$1350.00起 $1080.00

男裝褲/女裝褲/牛仔褲 由$980.00起 $784.00

中褸 由$1500.00起 $1200.00

皮草褸 由$2200.00起 $1760.00

皮草中褸 由$3400.00起 $2720.00
3. 手袋及鞋
  原價 Jeeves 會員價

手袋清潔 由$1400.00起 $1120.00

手袋翻新 由$3600.00起 $2880.00

鞋履清潔 由$520.00起 $416.00

鞋履修補 由$500.00起 $400.00

4. Jeeves優尊存服務
優尊存服務   $2400 / 每季
5. Jeeves皮草儲存服務
皮草儲存服務   港幣三百五十元 / 每月
6. 附加收費
所有絲綢衣物 附加費30%起

衣物配飾 附加費30%起

抗垢服務 附加費50%起

絨面革製品 附加費20%起

特快處理 附加費50%

淨熨服務 原價七折