JEEVES Hong Kong Stain Removal knowledge exchange

The longer the stain has been left on the fabric the harder it is to remove, as the dyes in a stain react with the structure of the fabric and can react with the colours and dyes of the fabric itself.  Oxidised stains or hard-set stains cannot...

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Dry Cleaning 101 – Laundry Sorting

Pre-sorting is a fundamental step of laundry that is always forgotten. Learning how to properly do so can prevent permanent garment damage and effectively speed up your laundry routine. Here are a few basic rules:  1. Read care labels or...

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Steps to Unshrink Your Sweater

Tumble drying your clothes may be convenient, but the heat from the dryer changes the structure of the garment, causing clothing shrinkage. The following steps demonstrate how you can easily unshrink your sweater. 1. Fill a large bowl with lukewarm...

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Care Label: Spot Clean Only/Do Not Dry Clean

Some wedding gowns are extremely delicate and intricately designed and can’t be dry cleaned like other types of garments. They may happen to be heavily beaded or sequin covered. If beads are glued on, the glue might even dissolve in dry-cleaning...

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