Home textiles


Rugs, Curtain and Carpet Cleaning

Home textiles add individuality to your surroundings, as well as enhancing the comfort and overall look of your personal space. With so many varieties of brand-new or vintage textiles, rugs and carpets, individual attention is needed to keep them in top condition.  

At Jeeves Hong Kong, our quality curtain cleaning and restoration services include vintage curtain cleaning. 

Jeeves’ professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services include Persian rug cleaning.

Curtain, quilt, and pillow cleaning and care

The window treatments in any room truly complete the style, look and feel of your home. Not only can we care for the fabric of vintage curtains that have been in your family for many years but also more recent purchases too.

Jeeves Hong Kong clean and restore all types of curtains to ensure that textures are rejuvenated, colours remain beautiful and vibrant. 

We understand that transporting curtains to Hong Kong can be difficult, so for bulky items many of our customers choose to make use of our collection and delivery service.

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