• The Client is solely responsible for any pre-existing faults, damages, holes, set stains, scratches, loose beads and trimmings on his/her article. Jeeves will not be responsible for any of these pre-existing faults.
    • Jeeves will not be held liable for shrinkage, texture change, fastness of colour, or any damage resulting from a cleaning or restoration process. In the case of loss or damage as a result of an accident (including but not limited to accidental loss or damage of an article during delivery or storage), Jeeves will only be liable for up to five times the cost of cleaning of the article as set out on Jeeves’ invoices, or two times the cost of restoration.
    • Jeeves reserves the right to decline cleaning or restoring any particular article if it reasonably believes that the said article is liable to be damaged from normal cleaning processes or cannot be restored due to age and condition of the material.


    • Jeeves offers complimentary storage of any prepaid items for up to one month. If items are overdue on the ready date, a storage fee will be charged according to our existing rates.
    • If Your items are not collected after six months, your items will be donated to charities that we partner with.
    • Jeeves’ liability in relation to any accidental loss or damage to an article shall be limited to five times the cost of cleaning that article as set out on Jeeves’ invoices.


    In the event that a leather/suede item cannot be cleaned a 10% consultancy fee will be charged upon collecting the article.


    The client satisfaction period is 30 days from the “ready by” date of the invoice. The original Jeeves invoice and packaging must be included for any consideration.


    Kindly note: If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese version of the Terms and Conditions above, the English version shall always prevail.