As our Hong Kong franchise develops under a second generation family run operation. Our immediate goal is to be the most sustainable dry cleaner in Hong Kong. By taking necessary considerations and implementations listed below into our daily operations, we can better protect our city and our environment and continue to lead others in our industry down a more sustainable path.

Biodegradable Packaging 

As our business relies on ensuring your clothes are cleaned and pressed to the highest standards, we have decided to switch all single use plastics to bio-plastics. We realize that there is a huge amount of wastage from our single use plastic garment bags and have made the switch to these biodegradable plastics since 2018.

Green Packaging Option

At the request of clients, we are able to use our reusable cloth garment bags instead of the biodegradable plastics and will gladly take them with your garments and have them disinfected and returned without the use of plastic packaging.

Fabric Shopping Bags

We have phased out all single-use Bio-Degradable plastic shopping bags in March 2023, and have switched to producing non-woven fabric bags. This move was following international Jeeves guidelines and adhering to local environmental policies. To minimise plastic waste in Hong Kong, we encourage our clients to use their shopping bags or purchase and reuse our durable Jeeves branded fabric shopping bags.

Plastic Recycling

Jeeves Hong Kong will gladly take back all your plastic hangers and biodegradable packaging and recycle and upcycle the plastics, for in-house use or with recycling companies such as V-Cycle

Hanger Recycling

We are excited to announce that we now provide JEEVES hanger recycling boxes at both of our locations. This initiative is part of our commitment towards sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

We kindly request our esteemed clients to return their JEEVES branded hangers to us for recycling via our collection and delivery service or by visiting either of our locations to drop off your JEEVES branded hangers. By participating in our hanger recycling program, you can help us ensure that these hangers are responsibly processed and reused.

Simply drop off your JEEVES branded hangers in these boxes, and our dedicated team will take care of the rest.

Your contribution to this program will greatly assist in our efforts to embrace environmentally friendly practices. Together, we can make a significant impact and contribute towards a greener future in Hong Kong.

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

We have switched to a Hydrocarbon cleaning solvent that is less harmful and less toxic to the environment. Hydrocarbons are broken down by bacteria in the soil compared to traditional and older solvents still being used in Hong Kong that do not have such environmental considerations. We also invest heavily in waste disposal of such solvents.

Energy Efficient Operations

Our electrical and gas usage is kept under close observation and efficiency with the use of modern equipment and frequent maintenance in order to achieve the best operating efficiency. We also employ one hour a day energy saving during our lunch break to turn off all lighting and air conditioning.