5 Tips to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring


We are finally heading into spring. Frustrated about transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring? We have a few tips to get you started:

1. Say Goodbye to the Bulky Clothes

Thick and puffy items such as bouclé coats and down jackets. These items usually take up most of the space in the wardrobe. Pack them away! If you want to preserve them so you’re able to wear them season after season, Jeeves Premium Storage is tailor-made for your needs. More details in the following section.

2. Utilise All Vertical Space

Don’t let the vertical space go to waste. Take advantage of using baskets, boxes, small shelves and make the most of the space below or above the hanging clothes that you have. You may also want to readjust the hanging rail to free up more space.

3. Show Off Your Amazingly Layered Outfit

Layer a cosy sweater with a soft chiffon maxi skirt or a timeless lightweight boyfriend blazer as a jacket for a classic and easy transition. Wearing layers will help to solve that in between weather struggle.

4.  Donate Unwanted Clothes

It’s time to declutter the wardrobe:

·         clothes that you are no longer interested in

·         clothes that are wrinkled, worn or discoloured

It’s easier to maximise the wardrobe space if you know where you’ll be donating your clothing ahead of time. Since March 2019, Jeeves teamed up with Redress for collecting any unwanted clothes by putting two donation boxes at two of Jeeves store locations. 

5. Store with Jeeves

You don’t want to pack away dirty clothing so make sure you give everything a good cleaning. Jeeves Premium Storage and Fur Storage offer a one-stop cleaning and storage solution. Garments will be stored in an all-year cool condition with temperature and humidity control. We examine and photograph all of your items prior to storage and check them regularly. 

To keep or to dispose? One step at a time!

The Jeeves Team